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  • Ferryal

    Hi Rachel, could you please respond to my question which I posted a few days back in regards to additions to your easiest bread recipe?

    Thanks for your time.


  • Ferryal

    Hi, Made your “The Easiest Bread You’ll Ever Bake” & came out AWESOME! Although, a ? for you, if I wanted to add Rosemary or Garlic, when would I add the additions and would you use fresh Garlic or dried?

    Thank you for your wonderful recipes you share with us all and your time!


    • Rachel Schultz

      That would be fine!

  • Kayla

    Hi Rachel! I have been following your blog and Instagram account regularly but noticed you stopped blogging. I know you’re pregnant and I am sure you’re busy, but I was wondering if the blog is down for the count? I check it every day in hopes of a new post.

    • Rachel Schultz

      Hi Kayla! I have heard of this problem before. I have been posting everyday! But on some people’s devices, the new posts are not showing up on the homepage. Try restarting your browswer, clearing the cookies, or checking from a difference device or computer. I’m looking into this too. The blog is definitely not down for the count!

      • Anonymous

        Ah, ok that’s wonderful news that you’re still blogging. I’m glad I asked you about it! Looking forward to fixing the problem and catching up on everything I have missed so far! Hope all is well :)

        P.S. I went to middle school and high school with David. We had all of our honors classes together. That’s how I first found out about you and I think you are great!

      • Kayla

        Wonderful! I am so glad I contacted you about this. I’ll try the solutions you have suggested and hopefully fix the problem. I’m looking forward to catching up on everything I have missed! Thank you so much.

        P.S. I went to middle school and high school with David; we had all of our honors classes together. That’s how I found out about your blog and I love it! :)

  • May you please half the “THE END OF ALL CORNBREADS” for me. Thank you and you really do have great recipes

  • interesting , easy recipes

  • Hi Rachel,

    Kimberly here from The Daring Gourmet. I just came across a recipe of mine that was stolen on foreign website. I skipped over their Facebook page (over 250K followers) and happened to see a recipe of yours as well. Here is the link in case you’re interested in messaging or reporting them:





  • russ

    Very nice blog. I love your recipes, perfect for my style of cooking. Thank you.

  • Marcia Bradley

    Hi…just wanted to tell you I really like your recipes, now your web page is terrific. You sound like a super lady, full of faith & fun. I’m a gramma, 71 years old, in Ohio. I pin a lot, but mostly for fun. I’ve tried a couple recipes. I love southwest decor, which is what is in our home. Just my hubby & me, so I like recipes for 2. He’s not fond of leftovers! LOL!! Take care, I’m going to visit your Pinterest board.
    Marcia B.

  • joey hoffman


    Just tried to contact you again on Facebook. and would like to include a link and give credit for your secret fruit salad recipe. The story is launching today. Please email me permission to publish and email me high-res pic(s) without water marks.

    Thank you,

  • joey hoffman


    i hope you’re well. i’m joey hoffman, a writer with and i would like to publish your piece, ‘secret fruit salad,’ on both websites. if you agree, please email me a statement granting us permission. if there are any watermarks on the photographs, please remove them.

    thank you,
    joey hoffman

  • I tried the “best chicken in the world” recipe and wanted to let you know that me and my family absolutely loved it! I changed it up just a bit so it would work with weight watchers for my wife. Instead of using regular syrup, I used sugar free syrup (didn’t even know this stuff existed…but it does)
    Anyways.. thanks for the recipe!


  • Amy

    Wow, I just read the intro to the book “Is God anti-gay?” and I love it! I just wanted to say thanks for linking it on your blog for me to discover!

  • jennifer

    fried bananas look so good!!! What are teh diabetic ramifications? Thanks.
    P.S. I,m going to try them no matter what!!!!

  • Hello,

    I was wondering which to use, pure maple syrup or maple syrup that is used on pancakes, etc. for your The World’s best chicken recipe. Thanks a bunch!

    Debbie Kraus

  • Ashley from MA

    Came across your blog because I searched a chicken fried rice recipe and yours was at the top! It came out awesome. It was cool to read the rest of your blog and find out that your are a fellow believer. I am a newlywed, just moved into our first apartment (we love it), love to cook, and we are expecting our first baby. Just wanted to say hi and I love your blog!


  • denise from grand rapids

    found your website last friday – read it in it’s entirety and made the better than take out pad thai just now. thank you thank you thank you! loved it!

  • I love your blog and all of your photos! Great work and everything looks delicious :)

  • Hi there! Although, I may not be contacting you for the normal reasons…i think that i have a very fun reason…you seem like a really cool person, and I just wanted to say “hi”! I love how you put out there that “Jesus is everything”! He is everything to me too! and when I see that in someone, I guess that it is just a natural connection :) So thanks for being out there and having such a great blog/website and loving Jesus! Have a wonderful beautiful Jesus filled day!

  • Hi Rachel! I came across your blog via a recipe! Avocado and goat cheese grilled cheese to be exact! I’m now stalking your blog! hehe! Am really enjoying it! Enjoy your sense of humor and plan to visit frequently. You and your husband seem like such a nice and fun loving couple. You’re close to my daughters ages. I’m not too awfully tech savvy and need to have them help me with Pinterest and I want a blog of my own to share for fun and my Juice Plus business. Well, I’m off to check out the roasted strawberry and chocolate Grilled Brie! Oh My! THAT looks good!!!! Thanks for sharing your faith too!!! Love that!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thanks Connie!

  • Hannah Waterloo

    So, I was browsing pinterest and I saw one of your recipes. Pinned it. Then decided to see if you had anymore good food on your blog. Stalked your blog. Noticed you loved Jesus and lived in Michigan…and disliked UM. Anyways, it got me super excited because I went to State and met my husband through Spartan Christian Fellowship. I don’t know where I’m getting at. I guess I just wanted to say that I love your blog and thought it was funny, random coincidence.

    • Rachel Schultz

      How fun! Thanks Hannah.

  • Jennifer

    AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So easy and flavorful!!!!!!!!!!!!! My family couldn’t stop raving about this chicken. THANK you sooooooooooooooo much for sharing the world’s best chicken. Btw, I got your recipe from Pinterest. So very grateful.
    With heartfelt appreciation,

  • Marta Istenes

    Hi Rachel,
    I am a new fan of your website, I really don’t understand how come I didn’t come across of your amazing recipes much sooner. I just tried two of your amazing chicken recipes and going for another two of side dished today! I have to say, you got all what, I love about cooking! It’s healthy, delicious, fast, easy to follow, no fancy or can’t find anywhere ingredients and so much more. I truly love it!!!!!!! I could say I am a good cook, love to experiment new things in the kitchen, but I am also picky when it comes to new recipes. I will not have a second thought to try any of your recipes. Just wanted to thank you for these amazingly delicious meals! Marta

  • Hi Rachel — I would like to share your recipe for Balsamic Blueberry Grilled Cheese and use a photo of the sandwich from your blog on my blog at www.

    Would that be okay with you?

    Gary Cee
    Director of Operations
    WNNJ-FM / Clear Channel Media + Entertainment

    • Rachel Schultz

      Yes, thanks.

  • May I use your recipe and photos for Puff Pastry Jalapeno Poppers? I love these! Are you also the author of the bacon wrapped poppers which are cooked on a grill? Thanks for your consideration. My best always, Yolanda

  • nique Kight

    I am looking for your chicken fried rice. Could you please eamil it to me.

  • James Kicklighter

    I was reading your recipe for Everything bagel hummus……which sounds wonderful…..My question is: Why not put everything in the the food processor?

  • Would you kindly consider giving the pounds of meat you use?
    For example, 4 chicken breasts can be one pound or way over 2 pounds.
    I would appreciate it!
    I love your recipes!
    I love that you use easy -to- find ingredients at your local grocer.
    God bless

  • Susie

    I’m going to make the fried rice tonight. Looks simple and delicious. You are obviously a blessed and happy girl! Yay! Your blog is great. Keep on loving Jesus first and be servants of each other, and you and Dave will love your lives together. My husband and I have been married for 29 years and are happier than ever.
    All the best.

    • Rachel Schultz

      Wonderful! Thank you, Susie.

  • Mary Ann webb

    I love your recipe! Did you use tomato sauce in the tortellini and “the sauce” or do you use pasta sauce? I’m my grocery tomato sauce is just that where pasta sauce has a lot of other seasoning. Thanks! !!!!!

  • dot

    looking for a butternut squash soup i think i got from u, that my daughter is requesting again!

  • Kristen S.

    I need help on the snickerdoodles….(Rolo) I tried making them twice, but the dough is so sticky and I cannot manage it…What am I doing wrong? Is it only 1 stick of butter? Should I add more flour?

  • Hi Rachel,

    I work for Full Plate Living, a nonprofit organization with a mission to help people live more abundant and healthy lives. Our focus has been primarily on helping people make better food choices. In an upcoming blog, I will be linking to your Tomato and Chickpea salad. I would also like to feature your picture if possible (with a watermark to your blog address on it). Would that be ok.

    Michelle Jones,
    Full Plate Living (

    • Rachel Schultz

      Yes, Michelle. Thanks!

  • Gail

    I was wondering if the potato’s, chicken are raw or are they cooked prior to baking in the LOADED BAKED POTATO CASSEROLE dish. I can’t wait to try this one!
    Thank you

    • Rachel Schultz

      Both are raw!

  • Diane

    Hi Rachel,

    This is just to let you know that your recipe for PINK STRAWBERRY MUFFINS won’t Pin! I wanted so much to save it to make later. Please check it out.
    On another note, it would be very helpful if your Recipe Index was listing of the recipes with links for them. There’s so many I would love to Pin and try but I just don’t have the time to scroll through ALL of the recipes to find them. Just a thought that would make the site more user friendly.. Thanks.


    • Rachel Schultz

      Thanks Diane. I agree! I’m working on that.

  • Michelle


    I came across your blog today and love it! I saw in your apartment tour you have a dressmakers mannequin in your bedroom – where did you get it? It is exactly what I am looking for.


    • Rachel Schultz

      Pottery Barn teen in 2006.

  • Jacquie

    Hey Rachel,
    for the brussel sprout and kale salad, do I need to steam or sautee the sprouts before placing in the food processor? I’ve never eaten them raw before.

    • Rachel Schultz

      You do not have too, but it is fine to do so!

  • Lina

    Hello Rachel! I found your website while looking for a recipe of fried rice and have enjoyed reading your blogs. I have just purchased a chalk board so that I can try the meal planning idea with my family. I was looking at one of the pictures of your chalk board and on Sat and Sun for the meal it says “Ny’s” I believe not curiosity killed the cat so I was wondering if you
    could tell me what that meant.

    Sincerely your new follower…..

    • Rachel Schultz

      Yep! That’s the last name of a friend of ours we visited.

  • Hi Rachel. I stumbled onto your web site. Can you recommend a book that could better help me understand the bible? There is so much that’s confusing in the bible. I read NIV, am Baptist and about to be commissioned, as a Stephen Minister. And the second question. If it’s cold in Michigan and in Houston[where I live] where’s you chili recipe? Thanks and have a blessed day.

  • Wanted to please know if the ” Best Peach Cobbler Recipe ” can be done with Cherry Pie Filling from the can please.

    Thank You For Your Time

    • Rachel Schultz

      Sure can.

  • Your apple cinnamon porkloin looks delicious. If I cook it in the crock pot, do I need to put any liquid in the bottom of the pot?

    Thank you for your time.
    Gail Sokol

  • Amanda

    I’ve read your blog for a year and I was shocked to read that you live in Michigan. My husband, daughter and I just moved here a month ago from New England. Any church recommendations?

  • Urka Murka

    Hey Rach!! I miss you and yes I did just spend an hour reading your blog because I miss you. It feels like so long since we’ve caught up. I loved reading little bits of your life through your blog like seeing the Lone Ranger (which I haven’t seen) and other things. Since your work schedule might allow for skyping at a reasonable hour for me and you, would you want to set up a time to Skype. I’d love to hear how you are!! Plus we can talk about Breanna and Robs wedding!

    Hope to hear from u soon! Love, Erica

    P.s. since we can’t get peanut butter here, I am wondering if you know of any good recipes to make my own PB?? I bet if anyone knows u do.

    • Rachel Schultz

      Erica! let’s get in touch girlfriend :)

  • Nancy

    Hello..We are having a chili cook off next week and I LOVE all your recipes..Do you have one for chili?

    • Rachel Schultz

      Yes, you can find them by searching for “chili” in the sidebar search box.

  • gloria

    love your recipes… you have made my day with your recipe for chocolate lassagna. YUMMY THANKS…

  • Peggy

    Where do you buy fusion jello?

    • Rachel Schultz

      I found it in the regular grocery store aisle.

  • Linda

    Hi Rachel

    For your butternut squash pasta shell recipe – can you recommend a good brand or type of sausage to use?


    • Rachel Schultz

      We like turkey sausage! Specifically Jenny O’s sweet italian.

      • Linda

        Thanks Rachel.

        I’m from Canada – so not sure if we have that particular brand, but I will see what I can come up with.


  • A fellow lover of Jesus! :). Chk out my blog sometime
    Also since ur a reader…. And like Lord of the rings.
    There is a book series called ‘The Chronicles of Brothers’by
    Wendy Alec. First one is called Fall of Lucifer. U can c names of all 4 out….
    On my Pinterest. Maria Franks

  • Chloe

    Hey Rachel,

    Just thought I’d let you know how amazing your blog is!
    I love your recipes and ideas,and the way its all put together is great!
    All the DIY’s for your wedding were really helpful too.
    Definitely pinning it to favourites.

    Blessings from South Africa:)

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thanks Chloe!

  • Absolutely love your blog! I’ve found some yummy recipes to add to my online catalog (as listed above). Keep up the awesome work! It’s inspiring me to cook a lot more. :)

  • Anonymous

    Hi Rachel,
    Got another good book for you, How to Act Right When Your Spouse Acts Wrong by Leslie Vernick. Have a great day!

  • Anonymous

    Hi Rachel,
    Too weird! You are already reading Shepherding and I just reccomended it to you a few hours ago. The parts that I found to be most true are 1) The early years to remember that they need to learn that they are a person under authority. Seemed harsh at first but it is true and important. 2) That if we don’t teach them these ways we’d be teaching them something else thereby missing the opportunity to share God’s grace and why we need him. I also remember him outling the different types of communication we have to choose from to use. Very beautiful.

  • Your Meatball Sliders sound great. Question, why can’t your recipes be printed out. All other ones on this site can be. Thanks

  • Eve Pourzan

    It’s a small world!

    I opened this blog for the first time ever because of a pin on Pinterest to make honey fried bananas. Your face looked so familiar. Then it hit me- we both went to OHS! You may have been younger, I was the 2006 class.

    Anyhow congrats on the fabulous blog!

    • Rachel Schultz

      That’s great! Yep, I totally remember you. Thanks!

  • tonia reese

    I was going to make your 2 ingredient lemon bars, but was unsure as to add the water to the cake mix as recipe said on box or to just mix the dry cake mix and the lemon pudding. would appreciated a reply . Thank you

    • Rachel Schultz

      Just the dry cake mix!

  • Sue Maggs

    I just think you’re great! Your recipes are Ll wonderful (I’ve tried quite a few). You’re pretty, young and have so much going for you. Please keep blogging. The comments and stories and recipes make my day. You have such creative ideas!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thanks so much, Sue. That’s really nice :)

  • Pam

    Hey Rachel, I just wanted to say, ” May God bless you and your family”. I’m about to bake the peach cobbler recipe tonight. Looks and sounds great.
    Also, really liked your reading selections.

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thanks Pam! That’s great to hear

  • joaella

    Peanut Butter and Pecan Oatmeal Cookies Question
    Once cookies are completely cooled and we spread on filling can we eat them or do they need to be refrigerated for a certain amount of time before eating? The five days is how long they’ll last right? Me and my sister are making them on our own here so mom is making me ask.
    Thank you.

    • Rachel Schultz

      You can definitely eat them right away. I liked when they were a little chilled too though. Yes, the five days is how long they last.

      • joaella

        Hello Rachel,
        Thanks for responding to the kids! We homeschool so it means a lot. We have been too busy making many of your dishes to check back, and the cookies were gone before five days (duh) so all was well. Of course one individually wrapped straggled behind in fridge and was eaten much later and all was still good. What grabbed me most was your reading Sacred Marriage. You finished it! Great for you! I have had it since 2006 and have not. I will go for it again soon. The odd connection here is that if I had read it I probably would never have found your site; as a marriage in a major downswing is what got me to your site. This past week I finally took time to read through your spiritual posts. I am very blessed by each of them. Thank you for the food..spiritual and otherwise. Mom to five

        • Rachel Schultz

          Great to hear back Joeaella. Thanks for reading :)

  • Julie

    Hi Rachel. I have made this before but with pork tenderloin accompanied with any type of berry sauce. It is delicious.

  • I would like recipe for “fried” Honey Bananas – Thanks

  • Hi Rachel,

    How are you? I’m an assistant online editor at Ladies’ Home Journal, and I’m putting together an online slideshow of our favorite no bake recipes. We’d like to feature your coconut and and honey energy bites! Would you allow us to use the image? We will credit you and link back to your original recipe. Please let me know if this is ok. Thank you so much!


    • Rachel Schultz

      Thanks Katie. I’ll get it touch with you via email.

  • Judy

    Where do I sign up to follow your blog?

  • Kendra

    I am just not seeing where on your site I can sign up for weekly emails of your blog post. Can you please direct me?


  • I am interested in advertising on your blog/ website. Please let me know how to get started! Thanks:)

  • Hi there Rachel, my name is Alex Puez CEO & Owner of Body Challengers LLC. I’m writing you today because we have a fundraising campaign we would like your blog to help us promote. It is a “Health & Fitness” “Beauty & lifestyle” related campaign. So, you can check the link to watch our short 2.45 minutes video and let us know what you think. Thank you
    Best regard.

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thanks, Alex. Please e-mail me at rachelschultzblog[at]

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