January 15, 2020

A few rooms in our house have been suffering from insufficient lighting and we almost got used to it, but especially in the dark winter months, we’ve become READY for an upgrade. Good lighting is helpful everywhere, but the kitchen and dining room are particularly important to our family life.

During our renovation, we flipped the orientation of our dining table from the traditional centered in the middle of the room spot and installed a built in bench. Because of that, the light box was not over the dining table anymore, so we had to for a time use a plain flush mount to not hit our heads. BUT a simple flush mount is not enough light at all to make a dining room feel not dreary. And certainly not enough to make a fine table spread feel grand.

We went from such extremes with a terrible, barely adequate amount of light to now such a beautiful and bright fixture, the cleara 14 light chandelier from kichler.

We got the artistic value of the fixture itself and also spatial layering in the dead space above the table. ALSO IT’S JUST NICE TO HAVE THE LIGHTBOX APPROPRIATELY CENTERED!

Similarly, our kitchen used to have an eat in dining area which we scrapped to balance things out and build an island. And so yet again that left an off balanced light box. We closed up the old fixture and centered two of the aura five light chandelier (also from kichler) as pendants above the island and the difference is INCREDIBLE because among other things it’s quite pleasant to be able to see well when using a knife.

We put dimmers on both of these fixtures which is good for different moods. (I’m a stickler for dimmers on lights.) Low lighting for a cozy dinner or really bright for doing a puzzle, cleaning, or other task work.

The quality of the metals on these pieces stood out to us right away when they arrived, and after they were wired and installed, the rooms looked and felt completely different.

There’s many brasses in the world, some good and some bad. The one on this dining fixture is some of the best I’ve seen.

We like experimenting with different looks with the glass flutes the cleara dining chandelier comes with too.

Looking into these rooms and seeing pretty new fixtures that also feel like works of art has elevated our whole first floor and feels like a significant jump in our renovation on this level of the home. Also you’re probably noticing the new dining room art gallery wall. Will share about how I put it together soon! It’s completely able to be replicated.

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  • Lauralyons180 @

    Love your taste. The lights are awesome! Also the dining room table/ bench.

    • Rachel Schultz

      Thank you Laura!

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