September 23, 2019

This post is part of a series I do to write important things I need to tell you about and a mix of homemaker stuff. And let’s be honest, sometimes popular culture BECAUSE I HAVE THOUGHTS. I love doing things by the seasons, so I share one that often. There are some re-occuring categories such as: “netflix-ing,” “unpopular opinion,” “all is vanity,” “into it!,” “good at target,” and “I am not tech-y, but.”

home and office: okay, this is stupid but I just got so tired of never feeling like we have enough pens. And also that they are all mismatched and weird ugly things from like, medical places so I just ordered a big box of these nice plain ones and it’s kind of surprising how tidy and happy it makes me feel. A VERY GRATIFYING $7. Now there’s plenty of pens and i threw all the other ones away.

a follow: ALL THE AWARDS to this kitchen by @katiesaro.

books on books on books: to use the old adage, i couldn’t put this biography down.

“i’m a cool mom”: using this 100 easy lessons for teaching reading. have any others had success with it? or something else?

renovation nation!: such a cute shelf diy idea.

into it!: making this side for the meal plan next week.

babies, always: I’ve loved doing this $5 devotional book with our kids!

merch: I’ve tried, and I’m honestly like, HOW DO I JUST GET ANTHROPOLOGIE TO SEND ME A CATALOG of their home stuff and these pictures.

thrift stars: please send me a vintage standing mirror like this if you find one!!

enneagram, i guess: i am low key dabbling in enneagram. I am a 3 wing 4. David is a 9.

amazon prime: cute, classic kid hats for a birthday party.

pretty utilitarian things!: this summer i purchased all matching beach towels for our family in this pretty stylish stripe. A four pack is only $44.

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