July 2, 2019

I love color theory stuff and understanding undertones and how they affect the looks and feel of decor. I always take notice of and appreciate when the mainstream home decor stores have offerings of unique, complex, subtle colors. But it can be hard to find! I wanted something with a warm subtle color in our master bedroom and finding something just right was not readily available for a low cost while I was shopping.

The blanket I wanted to add to our bed wasn’t for a huge functional need, but just to create more comfy layers and add a color I wanted.

I started hunting for a simple cotton blanket I could diy dye to make a cool, unique color.

I found an inexpensive 100% cotton king blanket for only $15 at bed, bath, and beyond. I’m not seeing it online anymore or I would link! White of course, perfect for dye-ing.

Then I purchased just some regular fabric dye and a big $10 plastic storage tub at target to do my dye-ing in. You can dye things in your washing machine, but mine is a front loader so that’s a little more complicated. It’s totally fine, especially if you have a top loader.

People have been dye-ing stuff in washing machines for decades, but I just didn’t want to mess with it. It was only $10 to do it in my yard and had a fun summer tie-dye in the grass feel.

tasseled rug | green glass lamp | gold fan lampshade | three drawer nightstand | striped duvet | floral pillowcases | olive throw pillow


  1. Fill tub with 12 gallons of water, and then boil some of it until all the water when combined reaches 140 degrees.
  2. I added 1 bottle “lemon yellow”, 1 bottle “golden yellow”, and 2/3 cup “dark brown” rit brand dye to create my color. Test color on a folded piece of paper towel to confirm you like it!
  3. Wet the blanket down and add to the bath. Stir continually for the first 10 minutes (I used a thin piece of scrap wood), then let it sit for 50 more minutes.
  4. Rinse blanket with cool water until the water runs clear.
  5. Wash in washing machine with warm water and a mild detergent. Dry like normal!

Getting more experienced with diy dye-ing has opened me up mentally to modifying or creating decor whenever I can’t find just the thing I want.

Always be careful to check the material of what you want to dye! Certain fabrics do not take dye well. Cotton is easy and works wonderfully!

I continue to make a few more moves on our master bedroom. I’ve learned I most like to decorate in a way that’s gradual and trying different ideas out (without hopefully spending too much money experimenting!). I may try painting the nightstands soon, not loving them as medium blue. Things take time, and when we look back we’ve come so far!

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