June 24, 2019

Guys we painted our (bad) wood beams and it has been an occasion of self reflection and RENEWAL. One of the biggest reasons we did it is because I found myself with an ever increasing desire for leather chairs in here and with the beams that would have been too much and too heavy. So the beams had to go.

Why do I love leather upholstery so much? Enough to change a major wood feature in the room to accommodate?

Well perhaps my most frequently asked question is how I keep my home clean with my increasingly large number of children and a big part of it is that I am loyal to pretty much only slipcovered or leather furniture. Other types of fabric may seem fun at first, especially if I see a piece that is indulge-y cute. But you must tell yourself: IT WON’T STAY THAT WAY. It will be ruined at the hand of the fulfilling, gritty work of motherhood.

So I liked the linen chairs, but they are too fragile for our lifestyle. Entertaining and hospitality is a requirement for my life or I would kind of die, and having leather chairs that are wipeable lets me be more a hostess and mom who keeps a tone that is welcoming and comfortable.

Our space where I wanted to fit two chairs is a little tight, so while I was shopping I was checking over measurements really carefully. Also I knew I wanted something with a higher back to add a little variety to our sofa and loveseat that have a low profile. My search started and ended with the internet bastion of remarkable mid-century furniture that is Article. These are the Nina chair from them. They have the right size seat so I can put two next to each other easily, TUFTING – WHICH I NEEDED SOME TUFTING IN THIS AND EVERY ROOM, and they are in my personal favorite shade of leather, a soft, buttery tan.

Every hide is like a fingerprint, so to me, the creases and wrinkling of leather make it more beautiful. (I have a memory in my mind of seeing Joanna Gaines on instagram stories walking back and forth on her new leather couch to pull the patina out faster!) I think leather furniture gets nicer the older it gets.

So for cleaning, I just wipe it with a cloth. It’s the actual best. And OCCASIONALLY opt to do a fluff of the cushions to maintain a little shape. Children playing with, around, over, beneath, on the cushions kind of generally gets that done too.

Now that they’re in, I am really pleased with a natural texture added in this space. With the bad wood detailing gone, the leather grounds everything and adds a warm, masculine, modern element I needed moving forward in here.

Next I’ve got a little table I am going to refurbish and ART ART ART has me thrifting whenever I can to fill the walls. Also wallpaper? What about wallpaper?

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