The Renovations Planned for 2018

January 3, 2018

So much is afoot! It feels like our house’s renovations are maybe approaching having the halfway point in sight. Which feels a lot different than the beginning where just EVERYTHING needs to be done. All the projects felt great, but also still kind of like a mere drop in the bucket because there is so much left to do.

Now, the basics are done and spaces are getting finished. That feels so good. Here’s what’s up.

Half Bath

The powder bathroom: The tile is just about ready to be installed and then it’s the downward glide – reinstalling sink and toilet and accessorizing everything out. This has taken five months but only like one month was actually working and the rest is waiting for that silly custom colored hex tile. This room will be done in January!

The front entryway: I love entryways! I don’t have a solid vision for ours because I don’t totally know its needed functionality until the mudroom is done. But, right now we are going to dust up the structural stuff – lights on a dimmer, new outlets, new baseboards and trim nicely caulked. This is January too.

The basement: Yeah, this is going to get completely overhauled. It’s total junk right now. The carpet is leaving and some better flooring is added. Then we’re ripping out the drop ceiling tiles and painting basically everything. It will be the clean kid play space of my dreams! This is scheduled for January and February.

The dining room: We will build a wall to wall banquette seat. Then a new table and rug. I have some stellar bentwood antique chairs to refinish. I can’t stand unused dining rooms in a floor plan! And right now we are mostly guilty of that! This should be around February.


rug | white slipper chairs | english roll arm sofa | blue basket (similar) |  floor lamp | floor lamp shade | modern coffee table | ocean waves print | felt letterboard | gold clock | sputnik chandelier

The living room: In the spring I’d love to round this off with a few more key furniture pieces (side tables, different chairs and new love seat) and then do all the toppings at the end with art and such. Plus our wiring for the ceiling fixture isn’t working and I want it fixed!

The kitchen: This was originally going to be first up in 2018, but the quote was more than I expected so we have to save some more. I’m hoping we can have enough by the summer. The part we are hiring out is opening the wall between the kitchen and living room and having some closets ripped out in the mudroom. Then we will finish the flooring (which can’t be done until the walls are changed) and then an island. We finished painting the cabinets and I’m sharing that Monday!


rug | white arm chair | chest of drawers (similar) | leather ottoman (similar) | rocking lamb | wooden baby gym | blue table lamp | ornate mirror (similar) | white faux fur throw

The office: Finishing art and accessories and maybe adding a work table. (I am thinking about re-naming this because we are realizing it is way more a school room and playroom than what you’d think from calling it an “office.”)

My hunch is these will take us up to fall. And then we’d go up to the second floor! I’d love to start on the master bed and bath first but that is also the most expensive job, so other easy, inexpensive things in the kids room may take the lead while we save.

I almost can’t believe that by the end of this year the first floor will be done! Wait, is that real? Wow. This year’s schedule feels like the biggest turning point. And this summer will be three years living here. So it feel rewarding and due for things to come together.


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  • Katy

    I’m really excited to see what you’re doing with the basement, specifically the drop ceiling – we have ugly fake wood paneling AND drop ceiling with bad lighting in our basement so I’m wondering what to do with all that. I really enjoy seeing your design choices and I am excited for that colored tile!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Woah we are basement twins! Yeah I’m going to rip evvverything out of the ceiling tiles and then use a paint sprayer to do all that black or white (haven’t decided). We have wood paneling on the walls which I don’t like and will paint it white. But I am thankfully for it and don’t want to rip it down because once it’s painted it will be fine and I think is better than cinder block.

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