May 11, 2017

After we finished the construction of the desk in our home office, I needed to choose some of the finishing touches, specifically the hardware. The ikea veddinge series is quite a blank slate and the look of knobs or pulls I picked could take it several directions. I began shopping several sites with cool hardware, hoping to get inspired.

There are a few things I knew I did not want – bin pulls or black. We have bin pulls in our kitchen and those are teetering on becoming overdone to me.  (At least the super chunky ones.) And I was not interested in black because in here I wanted something more low contrast to make things feel lighter and bigger.


From some shopping I realized a few more things I want – 1) smaller fixtures. This helps with the clean and smooth feeling. And 2) BRASS! This is the perfect room to go for brass hardware. Brass is touchy in bathrooms and kitchens because often you want the same color for all your metallics and even though brass is increasing in popularity, getting all brass, or the exact same shade of “antique brass” from brand to brand is too difficult. So a low hardware room like our office is the perfect spot to go for them.

Hardware placement is a free way to add more character to furniture, so I love considering if there is anything unique or unexpected I can try out. For this desk I was thinking either a everything up near the top of the drawer or everything centered. With a little bit of painters tape, I made a simulation.


I liked both, but the way the completely centered knobs looked on the big drawers won me over.

This is the hardware I chose. They were $3.99 each from a shop on etsy. I like that it is the tiniest touch glam without being a huge statement in the room or making anything feel really girly.


Then I moved on to filling and organizing the drawers – really, the funnest part. Our old tiny brown wood desk, only about four feet wide, was in NO WAY handling all of our home office needs. The printer had to sit on the top along with the computer monitor, which together took up over half of the counter space. And the drawers were old antique ones, so not on gliders or smooth to pull out or push in. And the drawer storage was so small and inadequate it was never optimally sorted. Because papers and office supplies had to spill over to other places, I never prioritized bothering to have the drawers feel organized.

To pick our drawer sizes and placements for the new desk, I started by making a list of every single thing I wanted to be able to store in inside. That completed list was:

  • craft supplies
  • hanging files
  • trash
  • paper shredder
  • printer
  • office supplies
  • camera gear
  • sewing machine
  • wifi stuff

I drew up a little diagram and assigned each item an area that would make sense for it. This helped me know what drawers I needed in each cabinets and I carefully measured everything to make sure it would fit inside the drawer I assigned it to. Everything on that list is now in there!


The beloved swedish retailer sells drawer organizers that are made to be a perfect fit with their cabinets, and they are (of course, in true ikea fashion) only like $2. Also they have a trash can that fits perfectly too, which I bought for like $5. NOT HAVING TRASH OR CORDS VISIBLE IS BEAUTIFUL.

This makes the desk completely done! For the time being we are rocking this adjustable height desk chair we got for like $50 on amazon. But the standing desk life is going to be excellent.

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