January 5, 2017

Since becoming homeowners, my favorite time of the whole year might be when we sit down around December to plan what renovations we hope to tackle in the coming year. And now this has become one of my very favorite posts to write too. Renovations for 2017!

One of our biggest goals this year is fulfilling our “Summer of the Exterior” initiative – basically getting our exterior to look nicer and have a functionality that works better for our family. From that, the year kind of broke down into trimesters, things we will do before summer (January to May) and things we will do after the summer (September to December), sandwiching together the Summer of the Exterior.



Finish built-in desk


Demo mudroom closet
Tile kitchen


Purchase coffee table
Purchase sofa table


Install kitchen island
Add some open shelving in kitchen
Install recessed lighting in kitchen
Refinish kitchen counters
Paint kitchen cabinets
Paint kitchen backsplash


Paint sunroom floor (it won’t be white!)
Build a fence


Finish building fence?
Refurbish basketball court
Remove lattice in sunroom


Build a grill pad
Install landscape lighting
New mailbox
Gut basement (I think we have some nasty mastic flooring to remove?)
Paint basement


Strip powder bathroom wallpaper
Tile powder bathroom
Board & batten in powder bathroom
New pedestal sink in powder bathroom
Paint powder bathroom
Rip out soffit and reinstall light in powder bathroom

We are taking it easy during the first part of the year. After knocking out one of the closets in the mudroom, we might hire out having the kitchen tiled and will just be keeping our eye out for a coffee and sofa table to buy.

I leave the last quarter of the year kind of open to tweak since projects can shift and we will always have to reassess where the budget is.

I am laughing because my goal this past year was to get the powder bath done before our halloween party and now it worked out that it is shifted back to August/September and will be my goal to finish it before next year’s halloween party again!

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  • Chris

    That is one ambitious list you have going! Naturally, the kitchen is going to take the longest but you’ll be SO happy when it’s done. We redid ours about 2-3 years ago and I still love every part of it. The only thing we did not do ourselves, of course, is the granite. And that was really worth the price…so great for baking and just always looks good. Will await the finished product pictures.

  • Alyssa Trobacher

    I have never once thought about writing up our house goals this way, but I immediately went to work drafting our own plan. Can’t wait to see how stoked the husband is…not :p

    • Rachel Schultz

      Fun! Hope it all works out

  • Robin

    I’m excited to see your finished kitchen!!

    • Rachel Schultz

      Me too! : )

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