October 18, 2016

The obstacles with choosing a bed in our master bedroom centered around one thing – light. Our home does not have good natural lighting; that was my house hunting wish list sacrifice when we decided to buy our home. I love natural light.

Our bedroom has a window on the north and west facing wall, and the bed has to go on one of those two. The east wall has the doors to the bathroom and hallway and the south wall has the closet. So yes, the bed will have to cover part of a window. It pains me!

I thought of two main ways to minimize how much precious light would be blocked – either a low bed or a metal bed. Metal beds are really cool and on trend right now, but I was not sure the type of classic metal bed I was picturing (like this) would work for the aesthetic I want in here. For that reason we planned to build our own bed so we could design it ourselves and keep it very low (while still having a box spring.)


I did a lot of amping myself up to design and build our own bed. I was a little nervous, but ignoring those feelings to just keep saying this will be great! It will be sturdy and not collapse in the middle of the night! People will like seeing the DIY!

Then, an amazing mansion-style bed appeared on Craigslist for $225 and I got serious about it. The style was perfect, but when I asked the seller for the measurements I learned that it was absolutely huge. It would have covered 3/4 of the way up the window.

At that moment I do not know what prompted me to suddenly do a little more internet shopping for new king beds, but I found four or five beds really quickly that I had never seen before and were all less than $500. Realizing good new options were not all $1,000+, I abandoned the Craigslist bed and we ordered this one.


This Dahlia bed is available on several sites, but the best price (by strangely far) was on Wayfair. I got a coupon too and it was only $320 with free shipping.

It is a more masculine piece, which made me hesitant at first, but now I am really liking the idea because I have received David’s approval to skew slightly more feminine with bedding to balance it out. This room will be mostly blues and greens with lots of layering and mixed patterns.


After doing a temporary fix on the master bath floor and getting a king bed, we said we would focus on the main level. I would be so ready to start picking out my pretty bedding, but I have forced myself to enact a “spending freeze” on the second floor.

It is easy to fritter away money on little extras here and there around the house, so I am trying to be very disciplined and only spend funds on the projects I plan and mean to be working on. So that means not even buying a bed skirt yet. Really the “freeze” is kind of fun and I like making self imposed rules for myself!

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  • Bethany Comeau

    Hi Rachel, I really love the look of the Dahlia bedframe. I’ve been reading the reviews on various sites (Amazon, Wayfair, and a few others), and some of the the reviews have mentioned difficulty in parts fitting together during assembly and the support legs not touching the floor. Was this your experience? I reeeeallllly want to pull the trigger on this purchase, but that’s the only thing holding me back. Would love any feedback on assembly and/or your thoughts on the bed frame now that you’ve had it a while that you’re willing to share. Thanks! Bethany

    • Rachel Schultz

      Yes, we did have that exact situation. Didn’t make the bed completely unusable or anything, but a little annoying. Putting a wood shim underneath helped some.

  • Wow, nice change. I appreciate your article……..

  • Chris

    This is a very interesting headboard – like it alot. I understand what you mean about finding the right placement – does the possibility exist that you could place it diagonally in order not to block any window light? Our guest bedroom has 3 large windows in it and it was difficult to decide where to have the bed live – we opted on the one wall that didn’t have a closet or the doorway to the attached bath. Not the way I would have initially designed the room but then everybody has different opinions on what’ll work. I still think where you’ve placed it looks nice.

  • What an amazing transformation! The floors are beautiful! Whenever moving into a new place, it’s always so easy to spend money on everything! I like the idea of a freeze and the next time I move I’m going to have to give that trick a try.

    • Rachel Schultz

      Sounds fun! Let me know how it goes : )

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