February 13, 2013

Okay, that title might sound like a video I had to watch in health class. To be clear, I’m talking about how an idea becomes a real, live, published post.

YEAR ONE from Rachel Schultz

A friend recently asked me if I struggle to have stuff to write about or if I have more ideas than I’m able to bring to fruition. The answer is definitely the second! I wish I had a full staff of people to work in the kitchen and around the house for me so together we could churn out way more posts. But, at the same time I don’t. Because maybe that’s what the charm of this little-blog-that-could is. It’s just me. On my couch. With a laptop, making food that you can easily make in your home instead of an industrialized test-kitchen.

This is how my food & recipe posts are born. Yep, believe it or not, just one recipe has a whole month-long lifespan.

Week 1 Usually during my work-week, an idea finds me, or I find it. Sometimes I develop my recipes from scratch. Other times, I scour the internet as a ravenous blog reader, drawing inspiration from the many magnificent sites in the cyber world. I keep a list running of these ideas. On Saturday, I crack open my planner with that list in front of me and choose what I will make for the week. Then on Sunday, David & I go to the store and buy everything for the next 7 days. (Read about why we love meal planning here.)

Side note: I kind of want to re-work this schedule so we don’t have to deal with the crazy of a grocery store on Sunday. Anyone who does this knows it feels like a doomsday preppers convention before Y2K.

Week 2 Throughout the week, I cook and take photos of the recipes I’ve scheduled. I cross my fingers that each will turn out on the first shot. If not, I might remake it the same day if there’s still enough daylight. Or, it gets postponed and the process for that recipe must repeat back at week one.

Week 3 I write text and edit the photos for food I made the previous week and schedule them to post live in Week 4.

Week 4 Recipes are going up each day, and I’m distributing links & photos on social media. On Friday, I publish my weekly “What We Ate” feature. (Which it’s true it’s what we ate, but it’s just what we ate 2 weeks ago.)

So there you have it! It’s a 4 week cycle that’s always on repeat. And on any given week there’s a cycle of recipes that are in each phase.


Here’s a recap of what happened in Blog’s Birthday Week.
Saturday: Firsts & Favorites
Sunday: Numbers & Stats, if you’re curious how the figures shake out around here 
Monday: How to Blog as a Career (or at least how I do)
Tuesday: A Day in the Life, what I do every day as a full-time blogger (since it’s everyone’s #1 question). The answer is not watch Judge Judy all day. (Actually, sometimes it is.)
Wednesday: From Conception to Publishing, timeline of how a post is born
Thursday: Goals, some healthy reflection time for year two. AND I want to hear from YOU, reader.

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